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How can I advertise my products on influensi?

In order to create a campaign, you’ll need a minimum budget of €500 and a webpage displaying content which can be promoted and measured. In order to make the process easier, an influensi Account Manager will be in charge of preparing and correctly setting up the campaign.

Is there a specific requirement in order to become an influencer with influensi?

An influencer must have more than 10,000 real (and active) followers on the following social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Later on, more social networks will be added, for example, Snapchat, Telegram and Pinterest.

If I work with influensi, can I work with other agencies?

Of course, there’s no problem in working with other agencies.

I want to be an Influencer with influensi - what are the rules?

In order to become an influencer with influensi, campaigns should be published as indicated on the platform. If not carried out in this way, following the influensi code of conduct, the influencer will not be paid. In the case of Google play and iTunes Apps, the rules are very simple.

Only in certain cases can the installation of a specific campaign be encouraged.

There’s no problem in encouraging testing out and using an App. Promoting it must be relevant to the App without damaging the competition’s image. The influensi influencer must never carry out more than 3 installs of the same App on their devices.

I want to be an influencer with influensi - will I have to sign any agreement with them?

Yes, in order to guarantee that you carry out the required action and payment on our part, an agreement must be signed between both parties.

I’m an influensi influencer - how and when will I be paid?

There are various payment options: Paypal, Payoneer, Trasnfer. The influensi influencer choses what suits them best.

I’m an influensi influencer - how much will I be paid?

That depends on the campaign price, in the same briefing which specifies the payment method. The minimum payment starts from €/$100 which will always be paid monthly. It is also possible to be paid weekly if payment is €/$10,000 a week.

I’m an influensi influencer – what is a banner?

It is the image which should be posted and promoted whenever the advertiser requires.

I’m an influensi influencer – what is a tracking link?

It is the campaign URL which should be promoted.